Freda Miklin | Greenwood Village


Supporting Neighbors by Solving Problems

  1. Worked with neighbors since 2015 to address the problems associated with the highly overgrown Greenwood Gulch wetlands, created in 1998. The lack of maintenance resulted in significant deposition of sediment over 18 years, causing dangerous flooding, threatening users of a public trail, as well as many residents’ private property. A major project to address these problems was begun in 2017 and will continue into 2018 and 2019.
  2. Met with neighbors whose street was being used by out-of-area visitors, for parking while using the High Line Canal, making it very difficult for residents and their guests to park near their homes. We created an ordinance to provide permit-only parking near homes adjacent to public trail access. We are also working to provide alternative parking for trail users in the same area.
  3. Met with neighbors to work out the best way for residents with recognized disabilities to live alongside other traditional families, and have the needs associated with their disabilities met. After multiple neighborhood input meetings, and consultation with several lawyers, we created an ordinance to establish a procedure for evaluating requests for reasonable accommodations requiring exceptions to the Village’s zoning code, as required by federal law.
  4. Met with residents of our rural area gravel roads, and got their input on what should be the priorities addressed in the coming rehabilitation of those roads. Made sure they were kept apprised of the Public Works’ Department’s plans and timing for addressing those issues that were identified.
  5. Initiated the addition of a dedicated eastbound right-turn lane at northbound Holly and Belleview to improve traffic flow and safety, particularly for schoolchildren, at that intersection. This project, valued at $340,000, was included in the Village’s 2017 Capital Improvement Program, and was completed in summer, 2017.
  6. Initiated the removal of problematic edge medians at three intersections on Holly, due to continued damage from traffic since initial construction in 2000. New designs, including bike lanes, at each intersection are safe, attractive and accessible. This project, valued at $1 million, was included in the Village’s Capital Improvement Program, and completed in summer, 2017.
  7. Met with neighbors who live on a residential street experiencing heavy and dangerous cut-through traffic, along with Public Works executive and managing traffic engineers, to determine the best way to minimize and slow-down motorists using their street to avoid a traffic signal at a busier intersection. Short-term and long-term solutions were identified, and are being implemented and evaluated for effectiveness, along with acceptability to residents.
  8. Facilitated the Village taking responsibility for ongoing maintenance and replacement of Stop signs throughout the Preserve. Although that is standard practice throughout the Village, it had been an HOA responsibility in this neighborhood. I also facilitated the installation of Speed Limit signs, which had never been placed in most of the neighborhood since it was built over 25 years ago.

Representing Our District

  1. 100% Attendance. I was present for each and every City Council meeting in the past two years, as well as 100% of all work and study sessions held.
  2. Responded personally to every letter, email and telephone call I received from residents of our district and virtually all that I received from Village residents in other districts. Answered questions, explained policies, and listened to the concerns of everyone who contacted me, then helped them any way I possibly could.
  3. Provided ongoing communication, as promised, by creating and sending the only regular quarterly newsletter in any district, with information about events and policies of interest to District One residents
  4. Attended numerous special programs and charitable events, supporting the American Cancer Society, South Metro Fire Protection District Foundation, Cops, Socks and Sandwiches, all artist openings at the Curtis Arts Center, GV Police Department programs on Elder Abuse and Coyotes, Cherry Creek Schools Foundation, High Line Canal Conservancy, Denver South Economic Development Partnership, South Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Smart Cities Forum, Denver Metroplex Initiative of the FAA, Colorado Municipal League, Arapahoe County Open Space.