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Vote Freda Miklin for Greenwood Village City Council District 1

As ballots arrive this week, it is good to know that Greenwood Village residents in District 1 have an outstanding City Council candidate in Freda Miklin. Freda has lived and raised her family in our community for more than 25 years. Just living here wasn’t enough though. She got involved by volunteering on her homeowner association board then on Greenwood Village’s Board of Adjustments and, currently, on Greenwood Village’s Planning and Zoning Commission. Freda’s care and concern for Greenwood Village is apparent. She studies the issues, listens carefully and shows respect for citizens on positions that are important to them. In addition to her knowledge of Greenwood Village, her experience in municipal finance, law and operations makes her the ideal person to represent District 1 and our Village.

Freda will ensure that the financial position of the Village remains strong, that the outstanding services we enjoy and appreciate will continue and that the beauty of our parks and trails will be protected. Vote for Freda Miklin for Greenwood Village City Council District 1.

Nancy Sharpe
Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 2
Former Greenwood Village Mayor

A Mayor’s Perspective on Greenwood Council Candidates

In District 1, Freda Miklin’s significant background in municipal tax matters, which I value, significantly contributes to City Council discussions. Her unfailing attendance at city events enables easy citizen access to her.

Ron Rakowsky
Greenwood Village

Vote Miklin for Greenwood Village City Council District 1

I endorse Freda Miklin as best suited to serve the residents of Greenwood Village District 1. Miklin is a strong civic and community leader, provides a highly balanced style to address the unique needs of District 1 and the entire Village. Miklin brings 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of our great city.

It was a rewarding experience to serve as your City Councilwoman for eight years. I wholeheartedly believe Freda Miklin will continue our long-standing traditions and strong representation of our citizens today and in the years to come.

Former Councilwoman Denise Rose
District 1, Greenwood Village

Freda Miklin the right choice for Greenwood Village District 1

Dear Editor,

As the City Council elections rapidly approach, we would like to encourage
the residents of Greenwood Village District 1 to cast their votes for Freda

Freda is a long-time resident of Greenwood Village. She is an amazingly
fair, intelligent and well informed candidate who has served in a variety of
positions in the City of  Greenwood Village government, including 11 years
on The Board of Adjustments and Appeals as a member and then as Chairwoman,
and for the last four years she has served on the Board of Planning and

We live in rural Greenwood Village and appreciate that Freda values our
natural resources in the Village, including the High Line Trail and open
space. Over the past 15 years of Freda’s service to the
community, we have had the opportunity on numerous occasions to watch Freda
in action. She does her homework and possesses a unique ability to
understand the issues presented. She makes sound decisions and communicates
her opinions in an educated and respectful manner.

Jenee and Paul Schmergel
2860 E Willamette Lane
Greenwood Village

A Councilperson Who Solves Problems

In the election for Council Members for Greenwood Village I ask you to consider what is really important- Does the candidate listen and follow through to solve actual problems daily impacting us? Freda Miklin has repeated demonstrated that she listens carefully and, more importantly, works tirelessly for the residents of District 1.

Over two years ago, even before she became a member of the City Council, Freda Miklin listened to our neighborhood flooding concerns and agreed to support the need for improvements to the storm water drainage in The Preserve Reach of Greenwood Gulch. Since that time, she has worked tirelessly on this issue for our neighborhood. She opened doors for us with City staff and policymakers, enabled us to be able to participate in determining goals, reviewing preliminary designs and supported the neighbors in meetings. Without her strong support and participation in the process we would not have been successful in having the Council approve a Capital Project to begin next spring to mitigate this significant issue.

That’s how a candidate should be measured! Not by empty slogans and mindless rhetoric but by actual accomplishments!

When you add to this the improvement to traffic on Holly, concern about our young children and traffic, Freda Miklin has earned our respect and support. I wholeheartedly urge you to support her re-election to continue to make an actual difference to our Community.

Robert A. Arnott
Greenwood Village

Freda Miklin for Greenwood Village City Council District 1

As a 20 plus year resident of Greenwood Village, I urge all voters in District 1 to vote for Freda Miklin. Freda has been a long time neighbor who, along with her husband Jerry, have raised a wonderful family and also volunteered and participated in many county, city, school district and HOA committees and activities. Her knowledge of the community is second to none and she is one of the smartest people I know, who can accomplish great things. Freda is my “go to” person for updates on current issues. A true consensus builder who will work tirelessly to benefit the residents of Greenwood Village.

Patrick Miller, CPA
Greenwood Village

Re-Elect Freda Miklin

Our family would like to thank Councilwoman Miklin for her stellar service and commitment to
the residents of District 1 in Greenwood Village. Over the last two years, she has listened to
the needs of our community and worked tirelessly to develop positive solutions that support our
beautiful quality of life here in Greenwood Village. Mrs. Miklin’s leadership and attendance at
every single Council Meeting and active engagement both inside and outside of City Hall makes
Mrs. Miklin the epitome of a public servant. Her eleven years of service on the Village’s Board
of Adjustment and Appeals, three years of service on the Planning and Zoning Commission and
her two years of service as a City Council member have truly been as asset for our community.

Thank you Mrs. Miklin specifically for leading efforts to make improvements on several of our
streets and Greenwood Gulch, for your time spent preserving our lovely High Line Canal, for
the hours spent in conversation with residents and for your presence at all events in Greenwood Village.
I ask that everyone check out her website (, review her record of solving
problems that matter to us and cast a vote for Freda Miklin!

Mike and Alecia Brown
Greenwood Village

Thank you, Councilmember Miklin!

As the newest District 1 appointee to Greenwood Village’s Planning and Zoning Commission, I’d like to extend my thanks to Councilwoman Freda Miklin for her guidance and leadership and offer my support for her re-election for a second term. Councilwoman Miklin was patient and spent hours mentoring me, without judgment, as I navigated the complexities of my new role.

Councilwoman Miklin has served Greenwood Village for over 20 years. She knows our wonderful Village inside and out because she has made the effort to learn it. She rolls up her sleeves every day to serve the citizens of District 1 by giving her time and energy solely for the benefit of our community. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that residents will continue to benefit from the city services we have become accustomed to receiving. Freda is accessible to all, shows up during the tough conversations and will continue to serve us well.

Re-elect Freda Miklin, District 1.

Henny Lasley
Greenwood Village

Vote for Miklin in Greenwood Village

Anyone who knows Freda Miklin knows she is a person of action. Every resident in District 1 who has ever reached out to her for help with anything got a quick response and their concerns addressed.

In two short years, she alone initiated and got completed a total, long-needed $1,000,000 fix of Holly Street, including a new right-turn lane at Belleview that has made life better and safer for every resident who uses it and the students at West Middle School.

When residents asked for her help to get Greenwood Gulch fixed, after nearly 20 years of neglect and ever-increasing floods, she worked tirelessly to make sure it happened. Because Freda was able to work in a respectful and collaborative way with city staff, other Council members and governmental agencies outside Greenwood Village, the $2 million project, funded by both Greenwood Village and outside matching funds, is budgeted and planned for 2018.

Freda Miklin has earned your vote.

Jeffrey A. Snyder, M.D.
Lisa Belkov Snyder
Greenwood Village

Miklin is right person for District 1

I would like to endorse the candidate Freda Miklin for City Council in my home District 1. I am a resident and daily user of the High Line Canal trail system. Freda has been really helpful in getting info and participating in the recent debate over Harrison Oaks project. I think she is interested in keeping the rural character of Greenwood Village, while listening to the concerns of all citizens. She has had lots of experience in city politics and would make a valuable council member.

Susan Bell
Greenwood Village

Vote Miklin for Greenwood District 1

Freda Miklin is a candidate for the Greenwood Village City Council District 1.

Freda served on our neighborhood homeowner’s association board of directors. During her tenure on the board, she demonstrated strong business acumen, fiscal responsibility, the ability to work with all parties, never lost sight of the responsibility of leadership and the vision of the end goal.

Since her departure from the HOA Board, we have involved her in several issues affecting Greenwood Village – not just our neighborhood. Her insight into the proper individuals to contact, her call to action and their responses to her have been extremely impressive. All for the betterment of Greenwood Village.

Freda will be an outstanding council member with a strong voice for all of Greenwood Village and not just District 1.

The Bishops
Greenwood Village