Freda Miklin | Greenwood Village

Political Endorsements

Freda was elected to City Council after two decades of volunteering on her HOA Board, public school PTCO Board, and the Greenwood Village Board of Adjustments and Planning and Zoning Commission. In her first term, she continued to demonstrate her steadfast dedication to her community and to her constituents including securing funding for over $1 million in road improvements in District 1 and working for the preservation of the Highline Canal, a treasured asset in District 1. She has been recognized by her fellow Council members and elected officials in other cities and the county, as a leader who understands complex financial issues and works effectively with others to accomplish projects that will benefit Greenwood Village residents. I strongly recommend Freda’s re-election to Greenwood Village City Council District 1.

Nancy N. Sharpe
Chair, Arapahoe County Board of County Commissioners
Mayor of Greenwood Village, 2003 – 2011

GV City Council Member District 1, 1997 – 2003  

I am proud to endorse Freda Miklin for the Greenwood Village City Council.

She has served the city for many years on the Board of Adjustments and Appeals and as a Commissioner on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Her dedication to the city is sincere and her offer to serve as our Council member is done for the right reasons. I believe she would effectively act in the best interests of the citizens and represent us well.

Jerry Presley
GV City Council Member District 1, 2007-2015

Freda is a wonderfully passionate woman with the City’s best interest in mind.  She has considerable experience in city government, including serving on the Planning & Zoning Commission of Greenwood Village for the past three years, and eleven years on the Board of Adjustments and Appeals before that.  She is very interested in representing her constituents, listening, learning about all situations. A problem solver, she has the time necessary to be a great Councilwoman for Greenwood Village.

Denise Rose
GV City Council Member District 1, 2007-2015

I had the pleasure of starting my service on the GV Board of Adjustments and Appeals under Freda’s chairmanship and learned from everything she did until we lost her due to term limits. Freda did an outstanding job. Gifted with high intellect and excellent insight, she has a remarkable ability to absorb information and focus public debate on the key issues. Freda presided with fairness and understanding of different perspectives. She was somehow able to elevate difficult work to a higher level by uniting participants behind common goals. Freda is an excellent choice for city council. With a great understanding of municipal finance and city government after working for the cities of Chicago and Denver, she has been a true “find,” working in the volunteer trenches for Greenwood Village. I endorse her x10.

Leslie Schluter
GV City Council Member District 2 2011 – Present

I am pleased to endorse Freda Miklin for reelection to the City Council of Greenwood Village, Colorado in 2017. I have had occasion to work with Councilwoman Miklin as a board member for a homeowners association in Greenwood Village and have found her to be very responsive and helpful. She has assisted in establishing communications with appropriate city staff members and has worked diligently to find solutions to issues brought to her attention by the association. She has always been willing to spend the time necessary to work with association board members, city staff and outside parties to craft creative and effective solutions to difficult problems.
Outside of my involvement with the homeowners association, I have found Councilwoman Miklin to be knowledgeable, interested and involved in all of the issues confronting Greenwood Village and surrounding communities. She works very well with other council members and city staff and is an effective communicator and advocate for the citizens she represents. The residents of District One are well served and fortunate to have a dedicated and devoted representative to the Greenwood Village City Council.

Patrick Fitzgerald
Resident of District One
Greenwood Village

Freda has been an active Greenwood Village resident since 1992 and in that time has served on The Preserve HOA, GV Board of Adjustments and Appeals ( serving as chair for five years ) and currently sits on the GV Board of Planning and Zoning. Freda has a strong background in municipal finance, municipal law and city operations which are all key characteristics in serving on City Council. Freda’s personality fits a City Council seat, she a good listener but also has a decisive manner when called on. I have known Freda Miklin for over ten years and she has my 100 % support in her candidacy for Greenwood Village  City Council from District One.

Craig Fowler
Board President
Preserve at GV Homeowners Association

The role of an elected Greenwood Village City Council member is to listen, understand and represent the needs and interests of their constituents. Freda Miklin completes this role better than anyone I have observed in elected office. Through her sole efforts, District 1 residents finally have a platform to raise the serious issue of Greenwood Gulch drainage with Village staff. When you consider what you want in an elected Council Member, remember the tremendous support Freda has provided her residents. I know she will receive your support.

Bob Arnott
Resident of District One
Greenwood Village

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Freda Miklin for City Council.  I have served with Freda on both the Board of Adjustment and Appeals and the Planning and Zoning Commission.  I have found her to be a well-prepared, intelligent, thoughtful and decisive board member.  Freda will be an excellent City Council Representative.  I encourage you to vote for Freda.

George Lantz
Chairman, Planning and Zoning Commission

I emphatically endorse Freda Miklin for City Council. No candidate can bring the depth and breadth of experience with the issues facing the Village as Freda. Aside from her vast experience, Freda is bright, honest, ethical and fair, and she is always looking out for the best interest of this community. I would enjoy the opportunity to work with Freda to help shape the Village for the future.

Steve Moran
GV Planning & Zoning Commission
District 3